Former Shia student leader released after 2 days undeclared detention

Former Shia student leader released after 2 days undeclared detention.

According to the latest reports Syed Ali Mehdi Kazmi has reached his house in Khushab district’s Joharabad area.

Former Shia student leader released after 2 days undeclared detention

Ali Kazmi has remained affiliated with Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Pakistan during his student life.

He had also served the ISO Pakistan as its vice president.

Both he and his ISO Pakistan had never ever remained involved in any sort of anti-state activities.

They never supported criminal activities of any sort against the country or its people.

Despite transparent pro-Pakistan patriot record, Ali Mehdi Kazmi fell victim to unjustifiable unconstitutional and unlawful detention.

The captors had stormed into his house in broad daylight and took him away to subject him to enforced disappearance.

یوم بحالی آئین پاکستان برائے شیعہ مسنگ پرسن

Meanwhile, Shia Islamic parties’ leaders urged the state authorities to ensure protection fundamenal rights of Shias.

Particularly, they urged the state to ensure that Shia Muslim citizens of Pakistan have unimpeded access to their Constitutional rights.

On the other hand, main sit-in protest against enforced disappearance of innocent Shia Muslim citizens of Pakistan entered 9th day.

Families of Shia missing persons have been protesting at the sit-in camp outside mausoleum of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah since Friday April 02.

On Friday, supporters of the committee held protest rallies and demonstrations from Karachi to Skardu.

Moreover, they demanded immediate release of all patriot Shias whom the agencies subjected to enforced disappearance.

Ayatollah Baqir al Sadr remembered of martyrdom anniversary

Notably, the protester are protesting sit-in under the aegis of Joint Action Committee for Shia Missing Persons.


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