Secret trade with Zionist state disclosed

Shiite News: The secret trade between Pakistan and Zionist state, the usurper of the “First Qibla”, has been revealed. The…

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Leaked files reveal Britain’s ambulances aided terrorists in war-torn Syria

On February 6, Syria and Turkey were rocked by devastating back-to-back earthquakes. Ever since, people in these countries and the…

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Doom and gloom: Millions rally for regime change in Macron’s France

Days after hosting CIA-bankrolled anti-Iran rabble-rousers in Paris last November, French President Emmanuel Macron quite animatedly labeled violent riots in…

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Mid-Sha’ban; waiting for reappearance

Mid-Sha’ban marks the birthday of the Shia twelfth Imam, Muhammad al-Mahdi (PBUH) that after his reappearance all people will get…

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Women’s Day or Women’s Crisis

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8 as a focal point of attention to the women of…

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Why’s Iran handed over Afghanistan embassy to Taliban?

19 months after Taliban takeover of power in Afghanistan, the first step towards recognition of the group’s interim government in…

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Media as US military-industrial complex’s ‘instrument of war’ against Iran

Recently, I was invited to an international conference in the Iranian holy city of Mashhad to speak on how Western…

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Hazrat Al-Abbass symbol of courage, loyalty, sacrifice

Shia Muslims and lovers of Holy Ahlul Bayt across the world are celebrating the auspicious birth anniversary of Hazrat Abul…

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Sha’ban: Month of Allah’s Mercy

Sha’ban, is considered the Month of Allah’s mercy and pleasure. Shaban is the 2nd month of worship in command to…

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Bahrain textbooks changes: Brainwashing children with Israeli teachings

Though the normalization project between the Arab countries and the Israeli regime remained limited to signing the Abraham Accords in…

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