Biden’s rebranding of US occupation of Iraq as ‘strategic partnership’ should fool no one

Empires are forged in blood and maintained with gold, and those states whose leaders allow themselves to become proxies of…

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How and Why Israel helped make the nuclear thriller The Operative

Israel’s Ministry of Culture runs a film and TV support program through both its Film Commission and the Israel Film…

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Hadith of Ghadir And the Succession of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Hadith of Ghadir is one of the most widely-narrated and authentic traditions in Islam; it is narrated by no…

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The US hegemonic doctrine shift from invasion to violent extremism

To restore its lost hegemonic domination over Latin America, Western Asia, and other parts of the world, especially in the…

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How Americans invaded, destroyed and abandoned Afghanistan

After 20 long years of costly and futile military adventurism, Americans are retreating from war-ravaged Afghanistan, the ‘graveyard of empires’,…

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Hadrat Fatima Zahra’s Wedding with Imam Ali (A.S.)

When Fatima Zahra reached nine years of age, she was a full-grown woman who enjoyed intellectual maturity and integrity of…

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Will Taliban play the role of US’s proxy group?

A notable number of Afghan towns’ fall into the hands of the Taliban has given rise to many discussions on…

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Fighting kills 20 Taliban militants, 3 Afghan troops in Badakhshan

In northern Afghanistan, 20 militants of the Taliban have been killed in clashes with the government forces. Abdul Razaq, the…

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Alignment of science and religion in Shia jurisprudence

Shia jurists have always paid special attention to scientific data when issuing ‘fiqh’ rules and there has never been a…

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Congratulations to Muslims on birthday anniv. of Imam Reza

Today is the blessed birthday anniversary of Imam Reza (PBUH), the 8th Infallible Successor of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). On this…

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