How I established anti-Zionist views should be protected under UK law

In a landmark judgement on February 5, the Bristol Employment Tribunal handed down its decision that I had been wrongfully…

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#BanIsrael: Campaign to ban Israel from intl. sports competitions gets impetus

In December last year, a report said at least 88 Palestinian athletes have been killed in Israeli bombings in Gaza…

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3rd of Shaban – Birth of Imam Hussain

Abu’l-Qasim ibn `Al’ al-Hamadaniy, the representative of Imam al-Hasan al-`Askariy (a.s), received a document telling that our master, Grandson of…

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Israel sells Gaza genocide to Americans at Super Bowl while bombing Rafah

To whitewash its war crimes against Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, the Israeli regime ran a series of 30-second…

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Return of Hajj file to Damascus cements Syrian govt’s intl. recognition

Last month, in a significant yet underreported development, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj decided to withdraw management of Syria’s Hajj…

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Almost a century, with no bat

ONE social media user said it was a remarkable victory; it was, after all, almost “a century scored without a…

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White turns red: Israeli war machine kills Gazans waving white flags

For more than 35 years of her life, Hala Khreis worked as an Arabic teacher at a local school in…

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Imam Ali (AS) in views of Western writers

Writers and researchers in different parts of the western and eastern world have been fascinated by the personality of Imam…

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By striking Haifa twice, Iraqi resistance proves Zionist entity is a tinderbox

Amid the Israeli regime’s genocidal war on the besieged Gaza Strip, the Axis of Resistance has significantly upped operations against…

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100 days of Gaza genocide: 100 kids killed by Israel before their 1st birthday

Half of those killed in indiscriminate Israeli aerial blitz on the blockaded Gaza Strip since October 7 have been children,…

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