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Israeli forces injure dozens of Palestinians after attacking anti-settlement rallies in Nablus

At least 44 Palestinians have been injured south of Nablus in the occupied West Bank after Israeli troops attacked protest…

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Palestinian Martyr Nizar Banat’s Family Hails Sayyed Nasrallah for His Support

The Palestinian Martyr Nizar Banat’s family hailed the supportive stances of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, thanking his eminence…

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Israeli forces storm home of al-Aqsa Mosque preacher for questioning

Israeli police forces have raided the house of al-Aqsa Mosque preacher Sheikh Ekrima Sabri in al-Quds, and summoned him for…

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Al-Aqsa Preacher Warns Jewish ‘Silent Prayer’ Dangerous Move

Al-Aqsa Mosque Preacher Sheikh Ekrima Sabri warned against the so-called Jewish ‘silent prayer’ at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied…

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Islamic Jihad: Our Victory is a Promise, We’ll Enter Al-Aqsa

Islamic Jihad chief Ziad Nakhale stressed on Wednesday that Palestinian people will triumph and will enter Al-Aqsa Mosque, noting that…

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Israel plans to build 10,000 new settler units in West Bank: Report

The Israeli regime is planning to build around 10,000 new settler units in Qalandia, a village in the occupied West…

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Hamas commemorates 5 Palestinians martyred in West Bank

Al Qassam brigades, the military wing of Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has held a huge festival in the Gaza Strip…

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Israel formally charges six Palestinian prison escapees, places them in solitary confinement

Israeli authorities have formally indicted the six Palestinian political prisoners who had tunneled their way out of a maximum security…

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Nakhala: Palestinian Resistance Committed to Continuous Confrontation with Israeli Enemy

The Secretary General of Palestine’s Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziad Nakhala, stressed that the Palestinian resistance movement is committed a continuous…

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Palestinian Resistance Vows Harsh Response to Israeli Crimes against Palestinian People

The Joint Chamber of Military Operations for Palestinian Factions issued on Thursday a statement in which it vowed harsh responses…

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