China says Taliban expected to play ‘important’ Afghan peace role

China told a visiting Taliban delegation on Wednesday it expected the insurgent group to play an important role in ending…

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NATO chief calls for ‘negotiated settlement’ in Afghanistan as Taliban advance

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says a “negotiated settlement” is necessary in Afghanistan, as the Taliban militant group advances militarily in…

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Taliban commit war crime in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province

These people have been displaced from their homes after Taliban captured the Shia-dominated district of Malestan in central Ghazni province.…

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UN reports record Afghan civilian casualties in May-June amid surging Taliban attacks

The United Nations has recorded nearly 2,400 Afghan civilian casualties in clashes between Taliban militants and government forces in the…

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At least 50 Taliban militants killed, injured in Afghan airstrikes in two restive provinces

At least 50 members of the Taliban militant group have been killed or injured in airstrikes by the Afghan government…

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967 Taliban forces killed in past 4 days: Afghan official

A spokesman for Afghanistan’s security forces said that 967 Taliban forces had been killed and 500 others wounded in operations…

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Foreign missions in Kabul urge Taliban to lay down arms, end offensive

Foreign diplomatic missions in Afghanistan have called for “an urgent end” to the Taliban’s offensive after an inter-Afghan peace meeting…

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Taliban Offers 3-Month Truce if Inmates Released, Group Removed from UN Blacklist: Report

The Taliban will announce a three-month ceasefire if its 7,000 inmates are released and the militant group is removed from…

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Presence of Turkish forces in Kabul to provoke hostility: Taliban

The Taliban group said that presence of Turkish troops in Afghanistan excites sense of ‘hostility and animosity’. In reaction to…

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Taliban spymaster taken down by Afghan security forces

Afghanistan’s interior ministry says the Taliban militant group’s head of intelligence has been gunned down by special police forces in…

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