Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control observed Black Day

Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control and around the world have observed Black Day on India’s…

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ISIS claims responsibility for terrorist attack in Kabul

In a statement on Thursday night, the ISIS terrorist group claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on a religious school…

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Taliban senior official killed in Kabul blast

News sources on Thursday reported an explosion at Sheikh Rahimullah School in Sash Darak of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.…

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Muslims in Afghanistan observe Tasua, Ashura in large processions

Like every other Muslim nation in the world, Afghans passionately marked the 10-day mourning ceremonies for the martyrdom of Imam…

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ASEAN warns of ‘miscalculation’ risk over Taiwan, urges all parties to avoid provocation

The 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has voiced concern about the situation in Chinese Taipei, warning of the…

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Muslims in Kashmir observe Muharram

As the Islamic month of Muharram starts, the Muslim-majority region changes its attire. Black banners and flags drape across the…

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27 Chinese jets enter Taiwan airspace

Twenty-seven Chinese warplanes flew into Taiwan’s air defense zone on Wednesday, Taipei said, as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made…

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Taliban forces clash with Iran’s border guards

The Taliban forces attacked Iran’s border guards when they passed the border inside Iran’s soil near the Hirmand border area,…

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Tehran urges Taliban to remove barriers to realization of Iran’s water rights

Iran’s Foreign Minister has called on the Taliban government in Afghanistan to remove “artificial barriers” to the realization of the…

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India: Supreme Court agree to hear Muslim students’ petitions about Hijab ban

India’s Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to hear the petitions filed against the Karnataka High Court’s verdict regarding the Hijab…

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