Several explosions reported in US base in Baghdad

Media sources reported on Saturday morning that the sound of explosions was heard in the US military base near Baghdad…

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Yet another rocket attack reported on Turkish base in Iraq

Local Iraqi sources reported Saturday that a Turkish military base was targeted in the Shiladze district in Dohuk Province in…

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Sadr: Iran neither meddled in Iraqi politics nor put pressure on any Shia party

Prominent Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr on Wednesday said the Islamic Republic of Iran has never meddled in the internal…

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US military transfers convoy laden with munitions enters northern Iraq from Syria

The US military has reportedly sent a new convoy of trucks carrying military and logistical equipment from Syria’s northeastern province…

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Several blasts rock Iraqi capital

Local media reported that several bomb blasts hit the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Sunday. Al-Sumaria quoted a security source…

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Iraqi politician demands investigation into oil shipments smuggled from Kurdistan region to Israel

An Iraqi politician has called on the Baghdad government to open an in-depth investigation into reports that shipments of crude…

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Several killed after Turkish airstrikes on N Iraq

Kurdish sources on Wednesday reported that several people were killed during the Turkish drone attacks on the Sinjar region. Kurdistan…

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PMU to continue fight against American-Zionist terrorism: Hashd al Sha’abi

The leader of an anti-terror Iraqi group says the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), better known as Hashd al-Sha’abi, thwarted the…

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Iraqi MPs from Moqtada Sadr’s bloc submit resignation to Parliament

The speaker of the Iraqi parliament on Sunday night agreed to the resignation of members of the Sadr faction. Iraqi…

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Mossad assassination unit cmdr. likely killed in Erbil attack

Some English and Arab news sources say that the commander of the Israeli Mossad assassination unit was killed in a…

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