‘Bad sign from Biden admin.’: Syria slams fatal US raid on Iraq border

Damascus has censured the US air raid against positions of Iraqi counter-terrorism forces on the Iraqi-Syrian border, which killed one…

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One martyred, four wounded as US attacks on Hashd al-Sha’abi positions

One person has lost his life and four others have been wounded in the US military’s air raid against positions…

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War against terrorism must continue; Iraqi President

The Iraqi President stressed that Baghdad did not want a permanent foreign troops’ presence in Iraq. Barham Salih addressed Baghdad…

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Our region needs direct dialogue between countries: Iraqi FM

The Iraqi foreign minister stressed that countries in the region need direct dialogue and clear issues to reduce tensions. Tensions…

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Iraqi foreign ministers met Saudi counterpart in Riyadh

During his official visit to Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi Foreign Minister met with his Saudi counterpart to discuss bilateral relations…

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Three Rockets target US Embassy in Baghdad

Three rockets struck Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone on Monday without causing any casualties, Iraq’s army said in a statement.…

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Drones, helicopter gunships swarm skies as US sets up new base in Iraq

Swarms of helicopter gunships and drones are flying over al-Anbar as the US is setting up its second military base…

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Nouri al-Maliki: US forces pose a threat to Iraqis, including Kurdish and Sunni citizens

The head of the Coalition for the Rule of Law in the Iraqi parliament stressed that his country did not…

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Iraqi Army arrests two wanted ISIL terrorists in Diyala

During a counter-terrorist operation in the Jalula of Diyala Governate, Iraqi army forces identified and arrested two previously wanted Takfiri…

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NATO to increase troops in Iraq in declared bid to ‘fight terrorism’

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says the number of NATO troops in Iraq would increase eightfold, claiming that the move is…

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