Lebanon’s Hezbollah says will not be dragged into civil war

Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement says it will not be dragged into a civil war, despite the killing of seven Shia…

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Lebanese Forces Party, behind the Beirut shooting: Hezbollah

Hezbollah and Amal Movement accused groups affiliated to the Lebanese Forces party of standing behind the armed attack on protesters…

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Lebanon: 6 Martyrs, Several Injured as Snipers Attack Protesters near Justice Palace

Several Lebanese people were martyred or injured on Thursday as snipers attacked demonstrators who gathered near Justice Palace in Beirut’s…

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Sheikh Qabalan Calls for Removing Judicial Investigator Tarek Bitar from Beirut Blast Case

Grand Jaafarite Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Qabalan called on Wednesday for immediately removing Judge Tarek Bitar from Beirut blast investigations, warning…

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Hezbollah calls for ultimate solution to electricity crisis

With Lebanon plunging into darkness as two main power stations barely function, Hezbollah’s secretary general called on the government to…

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Daesh’s job is to lead Afghanistan into civil war: Sayyed Nasrallah

The secretary general of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has condemned the Daesh-claimed deadly terrorist attack against a Shia mosque in…

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Firefighters put out fire at Lebanon Zahrani oil facility

A massive fire that broke out at Lebanon’s Zahrani oil facility in the south of the country has been extinguished…

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Lebanese Army: Ammonium Nitrate Seized in Arsal are Fertilizers

The Lebanese army announced Tuesday that the ammonium nitrate seized in Arsal are fertilizers that do not contain chemicals used…

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Hamieh: Syria is the Main Transit Gateway for Lebanon

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Ali Hamieh, met on Sunday with the heads of municipalities and municipal unions within…

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Hezbollah: US has proven role in destroying Lebanon’s economy

The Hezbollah resistance movement says the United States has a “proven role” in destroying Lebanon’s economy by imposing tough sanctions…

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