Middle East

Qatar pursues US-Iranian nuclear steps after Iran-US prisoner

Reuters reported that Qatar wants to capitalise on a US-Iranian prisoner deal to find common ground on a more intractable…

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Saudi FM Discusses Political Solution in Syria with UN Envoy

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister has underscored the necessity of finding a political solution for Syria, expressing Riyadh’s commitment to the…

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Syrian-Cuban talks on boosting cooperation in various fields

Syria and Cuba discussed prospects of bolstering cooperation in various fields, particularly in higher education. That came during a meeting…

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Two Syrian Soldiers Martyred, Six Injured due to Israeli Aggression

Two Syrian military personnel were martyred and six others injured as a result of Israeli aggression against some of our…

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US convoy transfers military equipment from Iraq to Syria: Report

A convoy belonging to the US-led coalition has reportedly transferred military equipment, ammunition and fuel from American bases in Iraq…

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US, allied terrorist groups continue to loot Syria’s wealth, strategic resources: Damascus

Syria says the United States and its allied Takfiri terrorist groups continue to violate the country’s sovereignty and plunder its…

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Syria blasts ‘illegal’ visit by senior US diplomat to Dayr al-Zawr

Syria has denounced the illegal entry of a US delegation into its territory, calling it a flagrant violation of the…

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Turkish army positions in Iraq come under drone attacks

Four Turkish military positions in the north of Iraq came under attack by unidentified drones on Saturday, local Iraqi sources…

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Moroccans burn Israeli flag to reject ties normalization

The people of Morocco burned the flag of the Zionist regime in front of the parliament in Rabat in protest…

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Arbaeen procession held in the capital of Syria

Arbaeen procession was held in Damascus, the capital of Syria, with the presence of lovers of Ahl al-Bayt. According to…

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