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FM: Saudi Arabia ‘serious about’ detente with Iran, talks ‘cordial’

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud has signaled his country’s desire to repair relations with Iran, saying…

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Deposed aide to Saudi crown prince accused of Khashoggi murder returning to power: Report

A top aide to Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, accused of directing the gruesome killing of prominent dissident and journalist Jamal…

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Saudi coalition seizes 25k tons of fuel sent to Yemeni people

Yemen state-owned Oil and Gas Corporation (YOGC) announced that the Saudi-led military coalition has seized a fuel-carrying ship for Yemeni…

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Saudi Arabia executes Shia man accused of links to ‘terrorist cell’

Saudi authorities have executed a citizen from the Qatif region of the kingdom’s oil-rich and Shia-populated Eastern Province for alleged…

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Saudi forces shell residential area in Yemen’s Sa’ada, kill civilians

The Saudi army has conducted an artillery attack on a residential area in Yemen’s northwestern Sa’ada province, killing at least…

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Saudi fighter jets bomb Yemen’s Ma’rib prov. ‘forty times’

Yemeni news sources said on Wed. that Saudi-US coalition fighter jets bombed Ma’rib province in Yemen more than 40 times.…

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Saudi Arabia releases prominent rights advocate after 15 years in prison

Saudi authorities yesterday released human rights defender, Abdul Rahman Al-Shamiri, after detaining him for 15 years . The rights organisation…

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Rights group launches awareness campaign against MbS to expose Saudi Arabia’s sham reforms

A human rights organization has launched a campaign in the United States against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS)…

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Saudi coalition violates ceasefire in Al-Hudaydah 308 times

The Yemeni military said that the Saudi coalition and their mercenaries had violated the ceasefire 308 times in the western…

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Saudi Arabia’s vital facilities targeted by Yemeni forces

Hours after Spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces announced one of Yemeni army’s largest ever military operations conducted on Saudi soil,…

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