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Saudi Opposition: Bin Salman’s Recent Steps, Attempt to Polish His Image before Biden

The prominent Saudi opposition, Omar bin Abdulaziz, raised questions about the nature of new steps by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed…

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Saudi regime work in tandem with Mossad for normalization with Israel

Saudi regime work in tandem with Mossad for normalization with Israel of Muslim countries, according to Jerusalem Post.

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The Hill: Biden’s First Mission to Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

The Hill stressed in a report, on Sunday, the need to end arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and that this…

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Democratic Lawmakers Oppose Trump Administration’s Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia

Democratic representatives in the US Congress have submitted draft resolutions opposing the sale of the outgoing administration of President Donald…

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Saudi Arabia Using Coronavirus Detection Apps to Spy on Its Citizens, Residents

Technology experts have warned that Saudi authorities are exploiting coronavirus fears to trick the kingdom’s citizens and residents into installing…

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Saudi women’s rights Supporters called for boycott Saudi Dakar Rally

Supporters of women’s rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, who campaigned for women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia, have called for…

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Top Pentagon policy official in Riyadh, meets Saudi Dpty. Defense Min.

The recently appointed Tata, a Trump loyalist, held talks with Prince Khalid bin Salman – the younger brother of the…

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Political situation of Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Shia Muslims are regularly marginalized and discriminated against in their daily lives, whether in education, political or social…

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Yemeni Air Defense Systems Shoot Down Saudi Combat Drone over Al-Jawf

The Yemeni air defense systems managed to shoot down a Saudi combat drone, branded ‘Karayel’, over Al-Jawf province, according to…

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Riyadh tries to demonize Iran as it restores diplomatic ties with Qatar

Saudi Arabia tries to demonize Iran again as it enters a détente with Qatar, more than three years after Riyadh…

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