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British PM Sunak ‘responsible’ for sinking of cargo ship in Red Sea: Yemen

A ranking Yemeni official says UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his government “bear responsibility” for the sinking of the…

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Women’s protest in Sana’a in solidarity with Palestinian people

The Women’s Cultural Authority in Sana’a Governorate held a stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people under the slogan “With…

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Ansarullah condemns occupation’s crime against Gazans at Nabulsi roundabout

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah condemned on Friday the crime of genocide committed by the Zionist entity at Nabulsi roundabout…

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Houthi: Yemen to introduce ‘military surprises’ in Red Sea operations

Yemen’s armed forces will introduce “military surprises” in their Red Sea operations, Ansarullah leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi says. “Our military…

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German navy repels Houthi attack in Red Sea

A German frigate has repelled an attack by Yemen’s Houthis, the army said on X, as part of an EU…

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US Central Command says it shot down three Houthi drones over Red Sea

The US Central Command (CENTCOM), which oversees US military activities in the Middle East, says its forces shot down three…

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Yemeni forces target Israel’s Eilat, UK ship, US destroyer with missiles, drones

Yemeni armed forces say they have carried out three military operations, targeting Israeli port of Eilat, a British ship in…

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UK petrol, diesel prices jump as pro-Palestine Yemeni operations rage in Red Sea

Britons are feeling the pinch of the UK government’s support for Israel, and Yemeni forces’ pro-Palestine reprisal operations in the…

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Yemen conducts drone operation against ‘several’ US warships in support of Gaza

Yemen’s air force has targeted “several” US warships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea with a “number of…

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Yemen warns Europe not to ‘play with fire’, asserts ‘unbreakable’ stance

A top-ranking Yemeni official has warned the European Union against “playing with fire” after the 27-member bloc launched a naval…

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