Sheikh Zakzaky followers voice solidarity with Indian Muslims

A number of students of religious schools founded by jailed Nigerian Shia leader Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky held a rally to voice solidarity with Indian Muslims.

According to al-Ahed News website, the rally was held in the city of Kano on Friday.

The demonstrators chanted slogans condemning the recent anti-Muslim violence in Delhi and other parts of India.

Violence erupted in the Indian capital last Monday, leading to a three-day-long rampage, with Hindu mobs attacking Indian Muslims homes, shops and mosques.

The attacks were carried out on protesters, who have been rallying against a new citizenship law, after the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Kapil Mishra threatened peaceful sit-ins would be removed from the streets.

The violence in Delhi killed at least 50 people, and injured hundreds.


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