Merchants of dignity of Holy Companions and Holy Mother can find blasphemy in Bukhari Shareef, Allama Amin Shaheedi

Shiite News: Head of Ummat Wahada Pakistan Allama Amin Shaheedi said in a message to so called flag bearers of dignity that Shia School of thoughts was safeguard of dignity of Holy Prophet PBUH. Said School of thought never allowed downing grade the dignity of Mother of Momineen Hazrat Aisha but when anyone bring Hazrat Aisha or any other Holy Companion verses Hazrat Ali (AS) then similar to Ahle Sunnah School of thought, Shi School of thought also used to says that Ali always founded on right and whoever comes against Ali (AS) would be wrong while a matters in the hands of Almighty Allah, it was the faith of Shia School of thought and we used to declare such narrative openly.

He said that I would like to guide Merchants of dignity of Holy Companions and Holy Mothers of Momineen to read Bukhari Shareef than explain me blasphemy. God forbid, we thought all such quotes which you bring from Bhukari as self-derived, fake and fabricated notions. Real pain keeper of dignity of Holy companions and Holy mothers should immediately write off fake and blasphemous quotes regarding Hazrat Aisha from Sahi Bukhari.
He added that according to Shia School of thought, if an individual whether a holy companion or common man commit any sin would be a sinner while the same figures perform good deed would be respectable. Tile of Holy companionship could never save any mischievous person, drinker, womanizer and murder from the offense of his crime neither worldly or divinely.


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