Case of blasphemy, registered against Abdur Rehman Salfi

Shiite News: A case of blasphemy has registered against accused Abdur Rehman Salfi, following the protests of Shian-e-Haider-e-Karar throughout the country. According to details, accused Abdur Rehman Salfi made abusive remarks against the Holy personalities of Imam Musa Kaizm, Imam Muhammad Taqi, Imam Ali Naqi (Alaihim us Salam Ajmaeen) and the parents of Imam Mehdi (Ajal Allah o farjahum) in an audio viral on social media.

On the viral of this provocative and blasphemous audio statement all the Muslim sects those honor the holy descendants of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) expressed their resentment and condemned the that audio, while Shian-e-Haider-e-Karar staged a 4 hours long sit-in protest at Bandar Road, Lahore, in which they demanded Government of Pakistan to arrest and publically behead accused Abdur Rehman Salfi on his blasphemous act.

After this protest Punjab Police lodge an FIR No. 1149/21 in P.S Shera Kot,Lahore, against accused Abdur Rehman Salfi u/s 295-A, 298-A PPC and 16 MPO Punjab. Similarly, Shian-e-Haider-e-Karar in other cities protesting against accused Abdur Rehman Salfi and making efforts to lodge cases against him.


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