Muavia Azam of outlawed Sipah Sahaba visits Matli to preach violent extremism

Muavia Azam of outlawed Sipah Sahaba visits Matli to preach violent extremism in peaceful town of Sindh province’s Badin district.

Banned terror outfit Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ), mother wing of Lashkar Jhangvi uses a new name Rah-e-Haq Party to hoodwink people.

Muavia Azam of outlawed Sipah Sahaba visits Matli

Despite ban of the notorious terror group, Election Commission had registered the outlawed group under that new name and allowed it to contest election.

Due to that anti-law registration, Muavia Azam and other ringleaders of the outlawed Sipah Sahaba -ASWJ- LeJ contested election.

Under a covert deal, he was allowed to become Member Punjab Assembly.

His father Azam Tariq was also a notorious terror ringleader of outlawed Sipah Sahaba-LeJ. He too was patronized to become Member of Parliament.

Like father like son, both remained engaged in preaching ideology of hatred and bigotry and inciting people to violent extremism and terrorism.

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Why Muavia Azam visited Matli, it remains a known fact. His terror group’s facilitators had been working there under patronage.

His visit aimed to embolden their position in Matli and that could destroy peace and fraternity in Matli and among its residents.

Meanwhile, peace-loving citizens have urged the power that be to eliminate the outlawed Sipah Sahaba in all its form.

They further demanded the power that be to also ensure substantial ban in practice because nation witnessed a theoretical empty ban on the terror group so far.

یمن میں عید میلاد النبی ﷺ کا سب سے بڑا اجتماع

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