OIC Summit Opens, Iraq’s Premier Stresses Finding Peaceful Solution in Syria

oicCAIRO, (SANA)- The 12th Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit kicked off on Wednesday in the Egyptian capital Cairo for the first time since the OIC foundation.

Senegal’s President Macky Sall, the Summit’s former president, delivered an opening speech in which he highlighted the continued Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan, indicating new difficulties in the path of establishing an independent Palestinian state despite having obtained an observer status at the UN.
Sall rejected attempts at defaming Islam by extremists, stressing that it is the duty of the OIC to back the just issues of its members.
He called on the Summit to adopt the official statement on Mali and to work on boosting Islamic economic cooperation and supporting partnership with Africa.
For his part, the Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi claimed that his country is keen on bringing the crisis in Syria to an end to stop the bloodshed and preserve Syria’s territorial integrity.
While shedding crocodile tears over “the continued humanitarian tragedy in Syria”, Morsi noted that Egypt has started a dialogue with the regional powers to find a solution in Syria.
Feigning care for the displaced Syrians abroad, Morsi presented figures of their numbers, ignoring the real reason behind their suffering which is the acts of killing and destruction committed by the armed terrorist groups and their supporters.
The Egyptian President admitted continued support to the so-called ‘National Coalition’ which constitutes a cover for the terrorist groups to carry out their acts to further increase of the Syrians’ suffering.
Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, in turn, stressed the necessity to solve the crisis in Syria peacefully.
“Syria is suffering more violence…we need a supportive stance to find a way out and a peaceful solution that preserves Syria and takes it out of its crisis in favor of its people and territorial integrity,” said al-Maliki in his speech.
He pointed out that the Arab nation is faced with many issues including the Israel’s continued settlement activities and aggression on the Palestinian people and its latest aggression on Syria in defiance of the international resolutions.
He called for unifying stances to resolve and contain the crises that break out in the countries.
In a speech at the conference, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for keeping Palestinian refugees in Syria out of the Syrian crisis, stressing that Palestine’s policy is to not interfere in host countries’ after nor allow anyone to interfere in them.
For his part, Speaker of the Algerian Council of Nation Abdelkader Bensalah said in a similar speech that what is happening in Syria threatens its unity and the security of the entire region, which calls for uniting efforts to end fighting and push for a permanent solution that meets Syrians’ demands and protects the region from foreign intervention.
In turn, Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour called for working to end bloodshed in Syria and restoring stability in it by supporting efforts to end violence and launching dialogue in order to preserve Syria’s unity and independence and protect it from military intervention and fragmentation.
Earlier, Egyptian media outlets reported heated argument between the participant delegations and the organizers, who prevented foreign ministers, including those of Senegal and Turkey, from entering the conference hall saying that only presidents are allowed to enter, while letting in Qatar’s foreign minister.

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