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What do politically mature Iraqis say to US and its allied Arab regimes?

What do politically mature Iraqis say to US and its allied Arab regimes? They say that the latter cannot hoodwink the former because Iraqis know well that US invaded and destroyed Iraq.

What do politically mature Iraqis say to US

Iraqis know historical facts

Factually speaking, Iraqi nation know that US-led West and regional allies had armed Saddam regime in 1980s for war against Iran.

And ironically, after end of that war, Saddam regime invaded Kuwait. Then, the US bloc began raising hue and cry over Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).

Following the UNSC Resolution 1441, Saddam regime provided 11790-page dossier, including 2100 pages regarding 150 foreign companies.

Interestingly, US got that dossier from the UNSC president Alfonso Valdivieso prior to its formal distribution to other members.

US, others involved in WMD

The great nation of Iraq understands how US and other global powers covered up their role in spread of WMD in Iraq against Iran.

When Saddam regime invaded Kuwait, then President of United States (POTUS) George Bush Sr sent US troops. Unfortunately, Saudi monarchy fell to US plot and called in US troops to the Holy Islamic land of Arabia. Bob Woodward wrote this in The Commanders.

US sanctions targeted Iraq

Furthermore, Iraqis also know that US imposed crippling inhumane sanctions that worsened lives of common man. Although US itself provided materials to Saddam regime for WMD manufacturing, unjustifiable sanctions targeted ordinary Iraqis.

DCI George Tenet confessed

Interestingly, Iraqis also have read George Tenet’s ‘At the Center of the Storm.’ He had also cited how well-connected Bob Woodward was!

Due to that, they also know CIA had already infiltrated their country’s ruling elites.

US plots Iraq dismemberment

Even ordinary Iraqis have read US plots regarding partition of their country into three pieces. And they also know that actually PTOUS-led Washington DC and their deep state want to make region safer for Israel.

Hence, Iraqis understand that US war on Iraq had never meant for democracy in Arab world nor to liberate them. But, US war aimed at installing an updated version of Saddam that would have recognised Israel.

Ironically, US plots failed due to central religious authority (Islami jurisprudent) that guided Iraqi nation.

Democratisation of Arab Muslim world

Had US ever wanted to democratise Arab world beginning from Iraq, Washington DC would have democratized Riyadh first. Iraqis think that US would have democratized Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, et cetera et cetera, who remain US allies since long.

Even after US war on Iraq and democracy in Iraq, unelected hereditary monarchies or dictators Arab allies of the US continue to rule. It is because they have tacitly recognised Israel.

The entire world has seen this Zionist drama which US staged in Middle East since 1980s, let alone Iraqis. And that may be called new season of the old serial began since pre World War-I era.

Message from Iraq streets to Washington DC

So, message from Iraq streets to Washington DC remains unchanged: Uncle Sam, not Iran, is real culprit.

Condi and Hillary also confessed US role

From George Tenet to Condoleezza Rice to Hillary Clinton, many mentioned US role in Iraq in their memoirs. These US-bought elements and proxies who demand change of entire political system in fact repeat what US-allies dictated them.

Iraqis know all this. White House, Pentagon, Langley and their allies should mind their own business instead of meddling into Iraq affairs. Patriot and politically aware Iraqis say so.

Mohammad Ammar for Shiite News Exclusive


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