ISO to take legal action against baseless allegations from social media accounts and websites

Shiite News: Spokesperson of Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Pakistan, Syed Salman Zaidi has termed the allegation as baseless and irresponsible journalism in the news attributed to Imamia Students Organization (ISO) on social media websites and private TV websites.

Quran directed us to investigate the news. As Allah said in the Ayat-e-Kareema: O people, who have believed, if a transgressor brings any news to you, investigate it, lest you harm a group unknowingly and then you repent” (Surah Hujarat).

ISO spokesperson further said that ISO Pakistan is a student organization which is active in solving the problems of students.

Including the name of ISO Pakistan in the news attributed to terrorism according to the biased thinking of Takfiri and anti-national elements shows nefariousness.

ISO Pakistan has always taken practical steps for unity among Muslims in Pakistan, discouraging the evils of sectarianism and extremist thinking.

He said that ISO has been engaged in the stability of the homeland since 1972 till today and is playing an important role in keeping the homeland safe from all kinds of sectarianism.

He said that this organization, which strives for the stability of the country and is the pioneer of unity between Muslims, has won the honor of creating organizations like Muttahida Talabah Mahaz in the land of Pakistan.

ISO is the advocate and guardian of peace and security in the country. The workers of Imamia student organization have always played a very prominent role in the development, progress and promotion of good values in the society.

The spokesperson of ISO Pakistan said that the baseless allegations made by the private channel’s website and active social media accounts hurt the sentiments of the Shia nation of Pakistan.

We reserve the right to take legal action and demand an immediate denial and apology.

It should be remembered that the news was broadcast from the website of private TV that the accused of killing the terrorist Maulvi has been arrested in Islamabad.

According to some accounts on social media, the killers were attributed to the Imamia student organization, but the private TV website has removed the name.


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