Increase in POL prices will contribute to more inflation, Chairman MWM

Shiite News: Chairman Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) Pakistan Allama Raja Nasir Abbas Jafari has said in his statement that the sharp increase in the prices of petroleum products and the rising prices of food items are a reflection of the indifference and authoritarian style of governance of the rulers.

He said that the life of more than 70% of the country has been made miserable, the burden of billions of rupees of free petrol and millions of units of electricity given to the elite should not be put on the poor people.

He said that the increase in the prices of petroleum products will cause a storm of inflation, he completely rejected the increase in the prices of petroleum products.

He said that severe inflation has destroyed the comfort and peace of the poor people, the caretaker government has resorted to extortion in the name of petrol and electricity, and the parasitic elite, which lives on the blood of the people, should stop their luxurious life style.

He said that the benefits of the continuous falling prices of the dollar are finally coming to whom, instead of reducing their privileges, the rulers and the elite have taken away the peace of life by increasing taxes on the poor people.

Without the abolition of this outdated system and caste discrimination, national development and public happiness is impossible. The caretaker government has made it clear by its behavior that it has no interest in public problems.

Politicians and elites looting the country are the leeches who are clinging to the body of the motherland and sucking its blood.

This country must be get rid of these bloodsuckers. In this critical situation, there is an urgent need to play an individual role to ensure the survival of our next generations and national security.

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