When all doors of law, constitution are closed on people, then way of revolution remains, Allama Raja Nasir

Shiite News: The country is being deliberately subjected to a crisis of constitution and law after the economic and political crisis, a deliberate conspiracy is being made to make it controversial by increasing pressure on the judiciary

Joint meetings cannot be held for public, the suo motu authority is being abolished for the sake of a few people, the nation stands with the judiciary, the higher judiciary should make decisions according to the constitution and law without any pressure.

He said that no one cares about the people, the poor people seem to be forced to commit suicide due to inflation and hunger, they are losing their lives in the queues to get flour.

He said that when all the doors of law and constitution are closed on the people, then the way of revolution remains, then the people will not be under the control of anyone, breaking all the barriers of fear, the people will take away their rights from them.

Missing people is illegal, according to which law any Pakistani citizen being picked, this is a clear violation of the constitution and law and is enmity with the country, what kind of life are the families of missing people living? No one realizes.

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