Shia Hazara rejects HDP’s culture, Arbab Liaquat

Shiite News: The Secretary-General of MWM Quetta, Arbab Liaquat Ali Hazara said that every person in our community is proud to be Hazara because we obtained braveness and other attributes from Aaima Tahireen and Prophets. He expressed such views regarding Hazara Culture Day which will be observed next week.

He added that our nation should follow the culture, we received from Prophet PBUH and Imam Ali (AS). For sure, we are custodians of said culture.

He has also rejected HDP branded culture and condemned musical shows under the title of Culture promoted by Nationalist organization Hazara Democratic Party. We want the public to keep their new generation away from wrong culture and unethical activities because our natural culture is based upon bravery, glory, and dignity.

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