Yemen suffers the world’s worst epidemic disaster

The tragedies caused by the Saudi-led war on Yemen are going beyond the casualties of airstrikes and an ongoing blockade. The Yemeni Pediatric Society says the number of infants with birth defects has increased rapidly since the 2015 war that turned Yemen into a testing ground for internationally banned weapons.

Officials say chemical and biological bombs dropped from Saudi warplanes on Yemenis have made Yemen the world’s worst epidemic disaster. They are calling for an investigation into recent cases of congenital anomalies.

Infants are suffering difficult conditions in Yemen in the absence of essential medical supplies and healthcare facilities, needed for their survival and well-being. Yemeni health centers have been in a dire situation since the start of the Saudi-led war.

As the war goes on, Yemeni children continue to bear the brunt of the death and destruction left behind by Saudi banned weapons. People believe that Riyadh has always been violating international law by using cluster munitions in bombing residential areas since it started its deadly war on Yemen.


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