US angry with Yemen’s fight against ISIS, al-Qaeda: Ali al-Houthi

The head of Yemen’s Political Supreme Council said that the US negotiates on peace and meanwhile supports al-Qaeda and ISIS, and is angry with the Yemeni nation’s fight against them.

In a series of comments, Mohammad Ali al-Houthi criticized the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and their allies’ actions against Yemen.

Al-Houthi said the Yemeni people were tired of the empty statements about the call for peace by those who bombard, boycott, and besiege Yemen on a daily basis.

Noting that the US’ arms sales were the real cause prolonging the Saudi war on Yemen, al-Houthi pointed out that as soon as the US stop its attacks on Yemen, and end the occupation and blockade on the country, the Yemeni nation’s discomfort would end.

-fight against ISIS


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