Islamic Jihad: Our Victory is a Promise, We’ll Enter Al-Aqsa

Islamic Jihad chief Ziad Nakhale stressed on Wednesday that Palestinian people will triumph and will enter Al-Aqsa Mosque, noting that this victory is a divine promise.

In a ceremony on the 34th anniversary of the Palestinian Resistance movement, Nakhale said the Zionist enemy will be defeated.

“We raise slogan of victory due to our confidence that we are more powerful than before as were are more ready to offer sacrifices,” Nakhale addressed the ceremony in Beirut.

Similar ceremonies were made also in Gaza and Damascus and Nakhale was addressing them via video conference.

He saluted Syria and Lebanon over their pro-Resistance stances.

“We salute Syria along with its Arab leadership which confronts the US-Zionist hegemony. We salute Lebanon and its Resistance.”

He also praised the six Palestinians who escaped from the Gilboa Israeli prison earlier in September, saying: “Tunnel of Freedom’ Operation and events which followed it prove that this land is ours

Nakhale pointed to achievements secured by the Palestinian Resistance last May.

“Al-Quds Sword Operation exposed vulnerability of the Israeli occupation and revived the hope of victory.”



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