Pakistan will not join any coalition against Iran, Prime Minister vows

Pakistan will not to join any coalition against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Prime Minister Imran Khan gave categorical assurance during his first visit to the brotherly neighbouring Islamic country.
The two countries have also agreed to form a joint force to eliminate terrorist groups.

New Chapter in historic Pak Iran ties

Iranian President Rouhani announced Monday in Tehran together with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan that the agreement was reached after talks with Prime Minister Khan whose first visit to Tehran is hoped to start a new chapter in historic relations between the neighbors.
“We agreed to step up security cooperation between the two countries and their respective border security and intelligence forces while also forming a joint rapid reaction force on the shared borders to fight terrorism,” Rouhani said after a closed-door meeting with Khan.
The sensitive issue of border security was expected to dominate the conversation between Iranian and Pakistani officials.
Ahead of Khan’s visit, families of several Iranian border guards killed by terror groups wrote to the Pakistani leader and asked him to take swift action against groups freely crossing into Iran from Pakistan.
Iran had in the past urged Pakistan to address the issue, even offering to launch a joint military and intelligence operation to locate and eliminate terrorists in Pakistani territories.
“Unfortunately, over the past few months we witnessed some tensions caused by some terrorists who acted savagely,” President Rouhani said at a joint news conference with Prime Minister Khan on Monday.
“We are glad that the Pakistani side now recognizes groups with such inhumane conduct as terrorist and treats them as such.”


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