Allama Arif Wahidi says that Shia Muslims should establish unity

arif wahidiAllama Arif Wahidi, secretary general of Shia Ulema Council Pakistan, has urged Shia Muslims to sink their differences and join hands for the sake of true and sacred path of the infallible Imams of Islam.
“Intra-Shiites differences are deleterious for Shia Muslims and nobody should fall to egoism due to difference of opinion on some issues,” he urged while speaking at the death anniversary of parents of Nasir Abbas Inqilabi in Taxila.

Allama Wahidi said that when alliance was formed with the other schools of thought, Shiites are more natural allies for such alliances. He said that SUC Chief Allama Sajid Naqvi also served Shiites and his services to defeat the enemies are memorable.

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