Takfiri Sipah-e-Sahaba protests for notorious Umayyad woman who masticated liver of Hazrat Hamza

Hazrat-HamzaHinda was the notorious Umayyad woman who hired a slave to assassinate Hazrat Hamza, uncle of Hazrat Mohammad (PUBUH), and then she masticated the liver of martyr Hazrat Hamza.

Muslim history gives full account of the gory and macabre incident occurred during Ghazwah-e-Ohad. Samaa TV also narrated historical facts about Hinda and her inhuman action.

But, banned Sipah-e-Sahaba’s latest version (proscribed) Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamaat (ASWJ), lodged protest for Hinda and his son Muavia who revolted against the popularly elected Caliph Hazrat Imam Ali (AS). The ASWJ brought its supporters for protest against Samaa TV for narrating truths about Hinda and Muavia.

Sunni Islam’s history quotes Holy Prophet (PBUH) saying that Ammar (RA) will be martyred by a group of rebels. Muavia’s army assassinated Ammar who was fighting under the leadership of Muslim Caliph Hazrat Imam Ali (AS). That was a proof that Muavia was rebel of Islam.

Yazidi takfiri nasbi terrorists follow the rebellious mindset of despotic Umayyad dynastic rulers. They pray for these notorious people that may God be pleased with them notwithstanding the fact that Allah has condemned their infamous ferocious acts.


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