Moussawi Receives UN Envoy, Supports Political Solution in Syria

ammarHezbollah International Relations Official Ammar Al-Moussawi discussed with UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Derek Plumbly the UN-Arab envoy Lakhdar Brahimi’s visit to the Middle East which prepares for Geneva II conference.

Al-Moussawi discussed with the international guest the latest security and political developments in Lebanon and the efforts that pertains the Syrian refugees.

Hezbollah official reiterated the party’s stance regarding Syria crisis, asserting the necessity of the political solution which must be based on the collective participation of all the Syrian political factions without preconditions.

Al-Moussawi called on the international community to be committed to its obligations with respect to the efforts to relieve the Syrian refugees.

In a different context, Hezbollah International Relations Official criticized the UN Secretary General report regarding UN resolution 1559, considering that it lacks accuracy and objectivity and represents a bias stance pertaining the Lebanese issue.

“The report does not serve the role of the Secretary-General, especially in terms of maintaining security and stability.


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