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shiite news martyred Ala yaseen hezbollahMartyr Sayyed Alaa Ali Yassine

Alaa Yassine was born in 1982 in Kuwait. His father was a businessman in the Emirate.When Alaa was three years old, his family returned to Lebanon and lived in Haret Hreik in the Southern Suburb of Beirut.

At the age of seven, Alaa became a frequent visitor to Imam Al-Rida mosque. One day, he returned home with an application for his father to fill up.It was an Al-Mahdi Scouts membership application, but Alaa’s father rejected the mere idea of joining the Mahdi Scouts. The young man did not give up and eventually persuaded his father by telling him that “in the Mahdi Scouts, they teach me the ethics and the history of the Imams.”

Alaa started participating in scouts activities on a weekly basis for years. He also used to collect pictures for Imam Ruhollah Khomeini, Sayyed Abbas Al-Moussawi, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, as well as many Islamic Resistance martyrs whom he was deeply influenced by.

In his teens, Alaa used to follow up news reports to hear about the Islamic Resistance’s military operations against Israeli occupation forces in South Lebanon, as he was strongly affectionate about the occupied south.

Martyr Alaa’s hometown was Houla in South Lebanon. He used to love visiting it despite the long roads and the agony of having to wait for Israeli clearance to enter his occupied village.These incidents were the stimulant and motivator that implanted the keenness and desire to challenge and defeat this arrogant occupier.

The martyr became a leader in Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts and later joined the Islamic Resistance’s military mobilization unit. He went through several educational and military courses and, due to his big efforts, started in a short period of time to serve on the front.

Alaa studied electrical engineering at the Higher Technical Institute. He was also cognizant of religious matters as well as matters related to the path of Hezbollah, and was also fully committed to fulfilling all his religious duties.

After the 2000 liberation of most of South Lebanon, Alaa and his family moved to their village, Houla.In 2004, Alaa got married to his cousin Eva, who had lived in Germany before getting to know Alaa well and loving him.

Alaa and Eva had a baby girl “Zeinab”. During the July 2006 war, Eva was pregnant. She gave birth to a boy and she named him Alaa, like his martyr father.Jihad and Mujahedeen were the main topic in the martyr’s speech; resistance was his life and an uncontroversial issue.

In the Battlefield:

Alaa was assigned to surveil the Zionist forces’ movement in Mhaibeb village South Lebanon. When the Israelis conducted an airdrop there, he was part of the group that attacked and engaged in a direct combat with the Israeli unit.He killed many, but then suffered severe head injuries.

He was moved to a nearby residence and given first aid, but the wounds were so deep that he eventually passed away on the 2nd of August, 2006.

Sara Taha

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