Hezbollah knew about ISIL conspiracy in the region from the first day

Friday prayer leader of the Lebanese city of Sidon, Ayatollah Afif al-Nablusi stressed in this week’s sermon that the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah, knew from the first day of the crisis in Syria that a great conspiracy is underway against the Islamic Ummah, specially the people of Lebanon.

“This conspiracy operated in the form of revolution at first but in reality it had no goals but to harm resistance and Hezbollah,” he noted.

Mentioning the Hezbollah presence in Syria, Ayatollah Nablusi reiterated that this presence in Syria carries this message that wherever there is a war against the enemies of Islam, the “worriers of resistance will fight against the global Zionism, no matter the geographical limitations.”

Meanwhile Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah and the Syrian army have liberated more territory outside a northern Qalamoun town north of Damascus.

According to reports, they forced members of terrorist groups, including the ISIL and Nusra Front to flee. As our correspondent in Beirut Lameez Karout reports, the victories near the border are improving security in Lebanon.


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