Lies on Hezbollah Martyrs in Qalamoun Enlist Syrians, People Died from a Stroke

A list of rumors has been circulated on media outlets during the past few days about the number of Hezbollah martyrs in al-Qalamoun battle inside Syria on the eastern Lebanese border.

The rumors included names of Hezbollah fighters who were killed during the Zionist July war 2006on Lebanon and the events of May 7, 2008, as well as the names of dead Syrians and people who were died from a stroke.

However, Hezbollah always announces the names of his fighters after their martyrdom, without being ashamed neither of their number, nor of their posts.

“When we fight, we do not conceal it. When our fighters are martyred, we are not ashamed of them, but rather we participate in their funerals,” Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stated last Sunday.

Still, the courage to say the truth is faced by the boldness to lie to the public opinion. 107 names were claimed to be fighters of Hezbollah who were killed during the Qalamoun battle in spite of the official number of martyrs that Hezbollah has declared.

“The number of Hezbollah martyrs in al-Qalamoun battle has reached 13 by far,” Sayyed Nasrallah announced.

In this report, we are not going to state all the attempts of misinformation managed by the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front terrorist takfiri groups and their mass media, but we will be content with an article by Mohamad al-Nemr published by the Lebanese Annahar daily on Wednesday.

Entitled “Opposition digs up graves and summons the dead of May 7 and July war … What about Hezbollah’s dead?”, the daily stressed that such rumors represent a scandal which the media outlets must shoulder, because they have distributed the fake list and tried to use it against Hezbollah without checking the names.

Nemr concluded that most of the individuals mentioned in the list were not killed during the recent Qalamoun battle, but in other areas and during other battles.

“However, the resounding fact is that the list contains names of some people who were killed during the May 7 events, and others who were killed during the July war 2006, in addition to some people who were died of terrorists attacks and others who are Syrian nationals,” according to the Annahar.

“Ironically, Hassan Zibara, a Lebanese young man who died from a stroke last year, was also mentioned in the list,” the newspaper added.

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