Lebanon’s Presidential Elections: Scene Started to Be Clearer

The French foreign ministry announced that Paris international meeting to discuss the situation in Lebanon, is scheduled for next Monday. Foreign ministers, ambassadors and advisers from the US, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Egypt are expected to attend the meeting.

Lebanon plunged into a presidential vacuum four months ago, and Parliament has since failed to elect a new president, even after 11 voting sessions. A caretaker government headed by Najib Mikati is running the country’s affairs.

According to Al-Manar New Bulletin, all the Lebanese parties consider that electing a new president as soon as possible is a necessity. Al-manar sources noted that the recent meetings among the allies and opponents have clarified the roadmap of the presidential elections.

Regarding the serious candidates, the numbers of votes that each can gain cannot be predicted. However, what has been settled is that MP Michel Moawwad can never continue in the race after the latest remarks of PSP Leader Walidd Jumblatt who indicated that his parliamentary bloc will no longer support Moawwad.

According to Al-Manar report, Paris meeting will be concerned with the specifications of the new president without selecting certain candidates, whjch may complicate the presidential scene.


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