Hezbollah: New Lebanese President Must Acknowledge Resistance Role, May Never Be Match US-Saudi “Specifications”

Head of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, Hajj Mohammad Raad, called for electing a president that does not confront any local party.

During a mourning service in South Lebanon, MP Raad stressed that the new president must acknowledge the Resistance role and abstains from backstabbing it in case some foreign sides grant him lavish amounts of money.

MP Raad added that electing a new president will facilitate the other issues, underscoring the importance of exploiting the maritime gas resources in order to improve the economic situation in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, Member of Hezbollah Central Council Sheikh Nabil Qawook underscored, during a ceremony on Hezbollah Martyr’s Day in Southern Lebanon, that the new president may never match the US-Saudi specifications and requirements.

Sheikh Qawook added that victorious Lebanon may never tolerate a new High Commissioner and will always reject a foreign guardianship.


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