Lebanon Has Become Capable of Protecting Oil Resources: Hezbollah Lawmaker

Member of Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc, MP Hasan Fadlallah, indicated that Lebanon has become a powerful country looked at by Israeli and takfiri enemies with awe.

Addressing an Ashura mourning ceremony in Tyre city, MP Fadlallah added that Lebanon has become capable of protecting its oil and gas resources, not just its land.

MP Fadlallah pointed out that the nation prospers only if its components engage in agreements and understandings, warning against the repercussions of the incitement speech.

MP Fadlallah added that Hezbollah is keen on the civil peace despite all the false accusations thrown on it, underlining the importance of assuming responsibilities to establish the state.

Hezbollah lawmaker called for a speedy cabinet formation, emphasizing that Hezbollah is always siding with the public demands and exploiting all its capabilities to help people.


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