Amal Movement Urges Creation of New Government Capable of Addressing Socioeconomic Crisis

Amal Movement politburo held on Monday its weekly meeting after which it reiterated call for creating the new government that is capable of addressing the socioeconomic crisis in Lebanon.

In a statement, Amal Movement stressed that the cabinet formation can rely on the House Speaker Nabih Berri’s initiative, away from the ministerial portions which reinforce sectarianism and manipulate the Constitution’s stipulations.

The statement underlined that the decision of the Court of Cassation to change the judicial investigator into Beirut blast case necessitates unveiling the truth of the explosion and frustrating the attempts to exploit it for political purposes.

Amal Movement politburo underscored Speaker Berri’s call for holding the by-elections, considering that it highlights again the role of the state amid the ongoing crisis.

The statement also urged the citizens to cooperate with the anti-coronavirus vaccination campaign, calling for speeding up the importation of the vaccines.



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