Hezbollah Lawyers Assembly: US ambassador Must Apologize

Hezbollah Lawyers Assembly hailed Saturday the decision issued by the Urgent Matters Judge in Tyre, Mohammad Mazeh, who prohibited the US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea from making statements aimed at destabilizing the nation.

In a statement, the assembly Shea’s insults and interventions in the Lebanese domestic issues, adding that her statements violate the international norms and conventions sponsored by Vienna Agreement as well as the diplomatic ties.

Shea blatantly infringed on Lebanon’s sovereignty by using a hateful terminology to describe the Lebanese government and intervening in the country’s domestic affairs, according to the statement which added the US diplomat confirms that the inhuman blockade of her country on the Lebanese people and the peoples of the region constitutes a crime against humanity in the sense of international law.

“This statement is considered a violation of the first paragraph of Article 41 of the Vienna Convention, which obliges the diplomat to respect the laws and regulations of the dependent state and avoid interfering in its internal affairs.”

Shea’s labeling of Hezbollah and the Resistance as terrorist is an insult and aggression on the Lebanese people, martyrs and wounded as well as their sufferings from the US policies and infinite military, media and financial support to the Zionist aggression on Lebanon, Palestine and all our Arab countries.

“Shea must make a clear apology to the Lebanese people for what she has committed.”

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