Hezbollah: Israeli Occupation Gains No Legitimacy, Resistance to Continue

Stressing that the Israeli occupation will never gain legitimacy in the Palestinian territories, Hezbollah on the occasion of Land Day vowed that the path of resistance will continue.

In a statement late Monday, Hezbollah’s Media Relation Office underlined that savage crimes committed by the Israeli occupation won’t harm Palestinian people’s unity and cooperation.

“Palestinian Resistance factions, today more than ever, are determined to counter the occupation will all means.”

“On the occasion of Land Day which represents a day of steadfastness, resistance and sticking to principles -on top of which is liberation of Palestine from the river to the sea- Hezbollah reiterates its stance to stand by the Palestinian people,” the statement said.

Hezbollah, meanwhile, hailed “all honorable” stances and actions taken by Palestinian people and Resistance factions in a bid to liberate their land.

Furthermore, Hezbollah denounced all Israeli actions which are part of the so-called annexation plan by the occupation authorities, noting that such steps have been taken under an American cover and collusion by some Arab regimes.

“Israeli occupation gains no legitimacy and the Palestinian people will continue the path of Resistance until they reach liberation, freedom and independence,” the statement concluded.

In late March 1976, Israeli occupation forces killed six Palestinians, wounded 100 others and detained hundreds more who had held peaceful demonstrations against Israel occupation’s confiscation of 21,000 dunams (5,189 acres) of their land. Palestinians, both at home and overseas, have been annually marking March 30 as the Land Day with rallies and remembrance ever since.


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