We won’t allow rebirth of terror in Lebanon, Syria: Sheikh Nabil Qawouq 

Deputy chief of Hezbollah’s Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qawouq stressed that the Lebanese resistance party won’t allow the rebirth of terror in Lebanon and Syria.

In a local ceremony in south Lebanon on Friday, Sheikh Qawouq warned that some want to launch a new scheme of Takfiri terror that threatens both Lebanon and Syria.

“It’s not acceptable to keep mum while witnessing a rebirth of Takfiri terror,” Sheikh Qawouq said noting that Hebollah fighters who were martyred last week in Syria’s Idlib were taking part in battles against there in a bid to confront this new terrorist scheme.

“Our heroes were in the frontlines; they were engaged in fierce battles against the Takfiri terrorists. We are proud of our martyrs who conquered the Takfiri elite forces.

Tackling other issue Lebanon has been witnessing, Sheikh Qawouq warned that “we are before a health crisis that knows no boundaries,” referring to novel coronavirus which has been spreading across the globe.

In this context, he urged people to abide by instruction aimed at containing the deadly virus.

“Those who are exploiting this virus for political aims are committing a moral crime.”

He noted, meanwhile, that Lebanon is witnessing a state of emergency in a bid to prevent the collapse on the financial level, stressing the need for cooperation between political powers.

“Any act aimed at hindering the government efforts has one result, fastening the economic collapse that will have impacts on all the Lebanese people.”


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