We Shall Persist in Facing Israeli Enemy’s Greedy Schemes: General Joseph

Lebanese Army Commander in Order of the Day: We Shall Persist in Facing Israeli Enemy’s Greedy Schemes and in Fighting Terrorism

On the occasion of the 74th Army Day, the Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun delivered the following Order of the Day to the soldiers:

“Fellow troops
Years have passed on the founding of the Military Institution witnessing victories and bursting landmarks. Yet, we have never let any hurdle frustrate our efforts let along the elations of triumph and zest. Our focus was on preserving civil peace and coexistence. We are confirming at this point that we will never be moving backwards again; that divergence and division will not rule over the Lebanese and that we shall not allow provocative schemes and incitements bring back strife.

Fellow troops
You have always accomplished the given tasks and have proven yourselves in handling constitutional entitlements by being the true guardians of democracy, bearing in mind the sole objective of succeeding in your missions. What we have learned from the principles that marked our military upbringing is that the one and only objective lies in performing our duty, with no regard whatsoever to any personal benefit.

Fellow troops
The Israeli enemy is still transgressing Lebanon’s land, sea and air sovereignty. Throughout decades, several soldiers and civilian martyrs died as a result of the continuous Israeli assaults. Thanks to your efforts and sacrifices, we shall persist in facing the enemy’s greedy schemes and in fighting terrorism.

May the martyrs rest in peace and may God bestow patience and healing upon the disabled and injured. We vow to you that we will always be worthy of your sacrifices. We will preserve our oath and safeguard the mission that we were entrusted with. We shall measure up to the responsibility, no matter how great the sacrifices and difficulties are.

-General Joseph

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