A Sunni Group: Maliki not blameful for Yesterday’s Bombs

iraq malikiAn Islamic Sunni group exonerates the Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki from Monday’s attacks which claimed the lives of scores of people mostly civilians.

Khalid Al- Mulla, a head of Iraq’s Scholars Group said that security authorities even failed to detect some attacks but they managed to avoid many.

“I am surprised by the statements released by some politicians blaming the government,”, he said. “it managed to prevent many bombings but it did not declare that for security reasons”.

Yesterday, 26 laden with explosives vehicles went off, 16 roadside bombs blown up beside other four attacks were conducted by gunmen resulted in the killing of scores and wounding of about 300 ones, according to a tally compiled by “Shafaq News”.

Monday’s attacks are the fiercest since the withdrawal of the American troops at the end of 2011; analysts said that it is the deadliest day in term of number of people victimized in a single day.

Eyewitnesses, security and medical sources told said that the blasts hit the provinces of Baghdad, Diyala, Kirkuk, Babel and Thi Qar.

Many people fear the return of violence back to the days of sectarian strife once peaked in 2006-2007 and claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

“We have passed the condemnation and disapproval stage through dishonorable condemnations and we reached the confrontation stage at all the military, economic and intellectual levels, so clerics must help the security forces to reach the realistic stage to face the challenges,” he went on.

Mulla did not rule out the probability of having official identity cards be used to facilitate the passage of the laden with explosives vehicles to the heavily fortified International Airport of Baghdad.

“We feel that the explosions are an echo of those hateful sectarian speeches released by some officials, which is also a result of the evil alliance between al-Nusrah front and the non-Islamic state of Iraq,” Mulla explained.

Several days ago, two Qaeda branches, one in Iraq and the other in Syria announced their unity

The attacks come five days ahead the country’s provincial elections, the first such one since the withdrawal of the American troops December 2011.


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