Ayatollah Sadreddin: We stand beside the downtrodden nations

Seyyed Sadreddin Qabanchi“We stand beside the downtrodden nations,” said one of the Friday Prayer Leaders of Najaf, Seyyed Sadreddin Qabanchi, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA). The religious scholar slammed the recent explosions in Pakistan and said such measures make the nation of this country to be more resistance and resolution in the faith. Seyyed Sadreddin Qabanchi warned Muslims of the extension of Syria chaos and uprisings to other Muslim countries such as Lebanon and Iraq. He underlined that those commit any extremist move and act in Iraq will be regret in the near future and underlined that Al Qaida and Baath party are behind these movement and responsible for that. Friday Prayer Leaders of Najaf mentioned that solving the problems in Iraq requires solving the political problems in this country. “At this time not only security forces are responsible for keeping the security in Iraq but also it is incumbent upon politicians to do this job,” he underscored.


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