Poll: US to blame for Iraq violence surge

iraq_violenceAn opinion poll suggests that the recent surge in Shia killings in Iraq stems from US efforts to prolong its presence in the oil-rich country. 

Fifty percent of respondents to an online Press TV poll say they blame the US, pro-Saudi Salafis, and Baath agents in Iraq for the death of 375 Shia Muslims who were killed in recent months. 

About 11 percent of the respondents believed that anti-US terrorist groups were responsible for the deaths and 30 percent held US agents, seeking to pressure the Iraqi government to extend their stay in the country, responsible for the violence.

Nearly 11 percent of those surveyed blamed pro-Saudi Salafis, and Baath agents for the Shia killings. 

In 2003, Britain and the US led a campaign to win support for the invasion of the oil-rich country under the pretext that the regime of former dictator Saddam Hussein had produced weapons of mass destruction — a claim that has been refuted by the US Army, which has continued its presence in Iraq since the attack. 


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