Karbala wrapped in black to mourn Aba Abdullah al-Hussain

karbala Iraq, All cities and towns in general and the Holy City of Karbala in particular has dressed in black outfit; green, black and red mourning standards have been hoisted, and pavilions and tents have been set up in reception of Moharram which marks the martyrdom of Al-Imam Abi Abdellah Al-Hussein (p) some 14 centuries ago in the scorching desert of Karbala. Security has been beefed up in the country. Police official says 14,000 Iraqi security personnel are being deployed in and around the southern holy city of Karbala during the observance. Hundreds of thousands of Husseini mourners continue gathering in the holy city for commemoration of Ashura – tenth day of Moharram when Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS) was brutally and unjustly slaughtered by Yazidi forces along with his 72 near and dear ones. From the eve of Moharram, Majales Al-Azaa have begun at the holy shrines of Al-Imam Ali (p), Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p), Al-Abbas (p), Al-Imam Al-Kadhem (p), Al-Imam Al-Jawwad (p), Al-Imam Al-Askary (p) and Al-Imam Al-Hadi (p) in the holy cities of Najaf, Karbala, Kadhemiya and Samarra as well as at husseiniyaat, mosques and offices of Grand Marajay. Husseini mourning processions march day and night on drum beats at the streets of this city chanting ‘Wa Husseinaa’. Drums were beaten as a sign of mourning. Huge banners and posters inscribed with sayings of holy Prophet (p) and Imam Al-Asr (AS) on the high status of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p), words of Al-Imam Al-Hussein (AS), condolence statements and Karbala Tragedy paintings, are seen hanging at the shrines, mosques, husseiniyaat, buildings and streets. Husseini elegies depicting sufferings of Ahlil Beit (AS) are heard on loudspeakers from every nook and corner of this holy city. Black cloths were draped over the minarets and every wall of the holy shrines and husseiniyaat to mark universal mourning which is observed to commemorate the unparallel sacrifice of Holy Prophet Muhammad (p)’s grandson Al-Imam Al-Hussein (p) presented for defense of religion and shariah and protection of human dignity. The mourning is still fresh even after passing of 1,400 years. 23.12.2009

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