Shaikh Hamoudi calls on citizens of al-Anbar and Sunni tribes to join militias

Shaykh Humam Hamoudi, a member of the Council of Representatives of Iraq and the a senior official in the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, offered his congratulations on the liberation of a part of Iraq’s vast western province of al-Anbar in a statement released, urging the people and Sunni tribes of al-Anbar to join the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Iraqi government security forces to defend their province against ISIL.

Shaykh Hamoudi said the time has come that the people of al-Anbar must cooperate and support their brothers and the Iraqi fighters in defending Iraq so that it can be victorious over its enemies.

In regard to the operation launched to liberate al-Anbar province, the vice-chairman of the Iraqi parliament said that Iraqi security forces with the help of the Popular Mobilization Forces, have been successful on this first day of the operation to liberate the heroic and courageous province of al-Anbar.

The army, Popular Mobilization Forces, special forces, police and local Sunni Muslim tribal fighters have been able to enter 15 kilometres into al-Anbar near the city of Fallujah and cleanse the area from ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

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