Rockets target Turkish military base in northern Iraq

Iraqi news sources reported that the Turkish military base in northern Iraq was targeted by rocket attacks.

Sabreen News Telegram channel reported that these attacks were carried out with 122mm rockets, in which, the Zelikan base in Mosul province that hosts Turkish forces, was targeted.

On Sunday morning, several drones targeted the Bamrani military base on the border between Iraq and Turkeyie.

On Friday evening, the Turkish military base named Zelikan in Bashiqa of Nineveh province, northern Iraq was targeted by a rocket attack.

Iraqi sources announced that this attack was carried out in response to Ankara’s recent artillery attack on a tourist area in Dohuk.

On Wednesday, the Turkish army’s artillery attack on the tourist center of Dohuk province in the Kurdistan region of Iraq caused the death of at least 11 women and children.


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