Head of Fatah Coalition announces annulment of 18 percent of polling stations’ results

The Head of the Iraqi Fatah Coalition, Hadi Al-Aa’miri, said today (Monday) in a meeting with Hassan Turan, the Head of the Turkmen delegation in Baghdad, that the Iraqi Electoral Commission had annulled 18% of the votes in the polling stations.

“Both sides believe that the Iraqi Electoral Commission has contributed to the situation in the country, because the mismanagement of this high-ranking institution and its illegal actions have disrupted the election process and the dissatisfaction of the people,” Al-Aa’miri said.

“By the decision of the judiciary, the votes of 6,000 constituencies that did not close their doors at the appointed time have been annulled. Also, the votes of 4,000 constituencies were invalidated due to the duplication of the registered fingerprint, which in total contains 10,000 votes from 55,000 to 18% of the votes,” the report continued. According to Al-Aa’miri, the high number of invalidated votes could have a significant impact on the outcome of the election.


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