ISIL terrorist attack in Saladin leaves 7 killed, 17 injured

ISIL terrorists attacked a mourning assembly in southern Saladin Governorate, killing at least seven people and injured 17 others.

At least seven people were killed and 17 others injured in an attack by ISIL terrorists in a mourning ceremony on Friday in ​​Yathrib, southern Saladin Governorate in Iraq.

ISIL terrorist element attacked a vehicle belonging to security forces guarding the ceremony.

After the security forces responded to the ISIL attack by firing, ISIL elements targeted the mourners with Kalashnikovs, raising the death toll.

Iraqi security forces launched a search operation to arrest the perpetrators of this terrorist attack

41st Brigade of Hashd Al-Shaabi said in a statement that it had sent troops and equipment to support the security forces in the Yathrib area.


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