ISIL Executes 15 Civilians of Jamilat Tribe in Fallujah

Security source told “” the 15 young men refused to join the ISIS terrorists were executed in Fallujah.

Meanwhile the Iraq Ministry of Defense confirmed liberating four villages within Makhmour district of southeastern Mosul city from the terrorists of the ISIL/ISIS. Statement by the MoD cited “A force from Iraqi Army/ 19th Division supported by Kurdish Peshmerga forces managed to liberate the villages of Til al-Shaeer, Jwaizat Tahtani, Jwaizat Fuqani and Sultan Abdullah within Makhmour district and raised the Iraqi flag over these villages.”

“Military operations are still going on this area,” the statement added.On the other side, the United States and its allies staged 29 air strikes on so-called “Islamic State” targets in Syria and Iraq on Wednesday, the Combined Joint Task Force said on Thursday.

The action in Syria included 17 strikes near the cities of Al Raqqah, Dayr az Zawr and Kobani. A variety of ISIL buildings, fighting positions and units were hit. In Iraq, 12 strikes targeted ISIL buildings, fighting positions and units near the cities of Mosul, Fallujah and Sinjar.


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