After crackdown on ward No. 10, Bahraini prisoners denied family visits

alwafaq aresstFamilies of political prisoners at the Dry Dock Prison (remand center) were surprised to learn that their weekly visits scheduled for Sunday 18th August have been canceled and the prisoners have been denied right to family visits. The families were told,” There is no visit for your son today” by officials at the prison.

A number of families complained of canceling their visits after 48 hours of concern over their relatives who were assaulted on Friday 16th in ward no. 10 inside the prison.

The Liberties and Human Rights Department (LHRD) in Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said the measure is arbitrary and against the fundamental rights of the detainees and their families. The detainees are denied most of their rights, it added.

The LHRD said the official parties and detention administrations must respect the fundamental rights of citizens and must not use retaliation and punishment against them.

The LHRD demanded an immediate stop to this retaliation and to end the expropriation of rights by allowing the detainees family visits.


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