Bahraini Pro-Democracy Detainee ‘Mohammed Mushaima’ Martyred Tuesday Morning

baahrain1Mohammed Mushaima has passed away in custody today, 2.10.2012, while serving a 7 year sentence for participating in pro-democracy demonstrations in Bahrain where a peaceful has started twenty months ago.

Only two days ago, the 17 year old Ali Neama was killed by the regime forces which targeted him at close range, during his participation in pro-democracy protests, riddling his body with Birdshot pellets.

Many Bahraini men, women and children have been killed in different ways, since the start of the mass revolution. The use of excessive force by the authority has also caused a number of deaths between foreign workers in the country.

Hundreds of men, women and human rights activists are still detained in the Bahraini prisons which are known for their disproportionate torture that has led to a number of deaths in custody


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