Al-Wefaq: Equating between murderous occupation and Gaza worse than normalization

Sheikh Hussein Al-Daihi, deputy secretary-general of Al-Wefaq Society, expressed that there is something more terrible than the crime of normalization in Bahrain at the official level and in the wake of the daily massacres in Gaza.

Sheikh Al-Daihi explained, in a post on the “X” platform, that “it arouses indignation that an official in our homeland stands up to speak in a language in which he equates the killer and the victim, the oppressor and the oppressed, the usurper of the land and the violator of the right and the people of truth and people of the land,” describing “the legitimate jihad of the defenders of their land, their honor and their sanctities in Gaza as a barbaric act.”

Sheikh Al-Daihi stressed that this is “public political support and a clear encouragement of the occupation entity by the government of Bahrain to continue committing massacres, and a more visible participation in the path of those working towards eliminating the Palestinian cause.”

He stressed that “such official stances that acquit the entity are disowned by the people of Bahrain, who unanimously demand the immediate end of the shameful normalization agreements.”

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