Outlawed Sipah Sahaba attacked Sabeel Imam Hussain in Khairpur

Shiite News: Terrorists of the banned Sipah Sahaba attacked a Sabeel Imam Hussain (AS) in Khairpur, several mourners were injured, the situation is tense, shelling by the biased police administration is still going on.

According to the details, the terrorists of the outlawed Sipah Sahaba/Lashkar Jhangvi attacked the sabeel installed for thirst in the memory of the grandson of the Prophet, Imam Hussain, in Khairpur Luqman district of Sindh.

As a result of stone pelting and shelling, several mourners have been injured, who have been shifted to a nearby hospital.

According to the sources, the terrorists of the outlawed Sipah Sahaba took out a rally today in Luqman with the connivance of the police and the local administration, the participants of which attacked the Sabeel of Imam Hussain (AS) near the Amruti Mosque.

The biased police administration instead of arresting the terrorists, started shelling and aerial firing on the mourners.

After the incident, there is severe tension in the area, the Takfiri terrorists have also stoned the holy names of Ahlul Bayt Athar (AS) on the Sabil.

The President of Shia Ulema Council Sindh Allama Asad Iqbal Zaidi strongly condemned this incident and demanded immediate action from the Sindh government against the Takfiri terrorists and the local SHO and police administration behind them.

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